Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yer son is just a piece of shit in dog tags...

Somewhere in my top 3 favorite bands, is Dystopia. I really don't have a favorite band of all time cause it's really too hard to choose. They formed in 1991 in orange county, and haved actually only released two full length albums. With the drummer also doing vocals they're some of the most brutal shit ever. Their style is kind of hard to explain but its somewhere between punk/grind/sludge. The lyrical content is also some of the best shit written, in my opinion. Subject matters include: self-loathing, animal rights, race equality, suicide, and drugs. I believe one of the members also owns Life Is Abuse records, but i am not completely sure on that. If you like some depressing, evil sounding shit, you'll dig it.

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