Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crippled with fear.

"Axiom's first show was in late december 1996. The original line-up was Mike vox, Kevin vox, Joel drums, Matt bass, Alex guits, and Ben guits. In 1998 the Establishing a Culture of Resistance was released on Gasmask/Catchphraze records. The original vocalist Mike left the band before it toured the west coast in 1998 with new vocalist Brian who left later that year. In 1999 the Impaled by Chaos E.P. was released and the band toured the U.S. on a campaign to end Sanctions in Iraq. This tour collaborated in some cities with the Primate Freedom Tour. In 2000 the Apathy and Privilege 12" was released. Matt the original bass player left the band and was replaced by Kelly (ex-Defiance, Detestation, etc.). The final shows of the band occurred on a west coast tour with Wolfpack in 2000. At the end of the tour, the vocalist was caught stealing the band fund, so they tracked a full lp with no vocals that has yet to be released...Bands that co-existed with or came after Axiom and contained its members include: Hellshock, Atrocious Madness, Indignity, Time Mosh, Altruist, War Machine, Elder Wrath, We Should Die, Plebian Retribution, Narlathotep, and Resistant Culture to name a few. - Ben Axiom (01/2006)"

Taken from their myspace. One of my most favorite punk/crust/metal bands. They're from California, and actually stand up for shit. They are definitely not all talk! I really think more bands like this need to exist. Especially in the punk community where so much is supposedly based on politics, but no one does shit for shit. Who in the fuck says you can't have a passion for both music AND politics? Idiots.

Apathy and Privilege.

Impaled by Chaos